When a vulnerable teenage girl is reported missing on the Isle of Arran, police probationer Annie Greaves makes it her mission to find her. As the investigation turns its focus on to local man David Devine and his reclusive mother, a complicated pair with a notorious family history, Annie must ask herself where her loyalties lie. Could her own secret involvement with David blind her to a darker side lurking within him?

The unique beauty and remoteness of Arran provides a haunting backdrop to this story of loneliness, isolation and life on the fringes of society. This second novel in The Grieving Series, once again follows Annie on her hunt for a missing girl. With her unique style of investigation, she will stop at nothing to get the results she needs. Because for her, such cases are personal. 

S.K.Paisley was born in Glasgow. She studied Law and English Literature at the University of Glasgow before working as a secondary school teacher. 

She wrote her first novel Take a Breath while travelling around South America and her second novel, Madness & Soil, while living in Amsterdam, Glasgow, Montreal, Ottawa and Hamburg. 

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"This is a novel set in the borderlands between the straight world and the criminal world, suggesting how easily that border can be crossed and how dark the results can be - an interesting and dramatic debut."

- William McIlvanney

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"A writing fluent and evocative, a refined style and at the same time light. 

Chiudi Gli Occhi/Close Your Eyes is the debut novel of true talent."

- Publishers Weekly - 

Scottish Novelist & Screenwriter 

The Grieving Series

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Not long after his release from prison, Paul is invited back to the flat of a mysterious young woman he meets in a bar. Waking up, drugged, bound and gagged, he comes to realise their encounter did not happen by chance. She has lured him there and she wants answers. 

Forced on a journey into his buried past, Paul must relive a tortured history he has tried hard to forget. At the centre of it is his relationship with the wild, exciting but also troubled Lena, who he has taken an oath to protect. As he becomes more and more embroiled in the criminal activities of his gangster boss, Paul begins to understand how high the stakes can be. With razor-sharp pace and authentic urban grit, “Take a Breath”, explores the brutal world of organised crime, where everyone is connected and no one leaves unscathed.

Take a Breath is also available in Italian by Fanucci - "Chiudi Gli Occhi" 

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