The unique beauty and remoteness of Arran provides a haunting backdrop to this story of loneliness, isolation and life on the fringes of society. This second novel in The Grieving Series, once again follows Annie on her hunt for a missing girl. With her unique style of investigation, she will stop at nothing to get the results she needs. Because for her, such cases are personal.  

Set in modern day Glasgow, a former drug dealer is forced to relive a tumultuous love affair with a young woman. As his past unfolds, he reveals his bloody ties to the city’s brutal underworld and its most savage denizen.

"A writing fluent and evocative, a refined style and at the same time light. Close your eyes is the debut novel of true talent."

- Publishers Weekly 

"This is a novel set in the borderlands between the straight world and the criminal world, suggesting how easily that border can be crossed and how dark the results can be - an interesting and dramatic debut."

- William McIlvanney

            was born in Glasgow. She studied Law and English Literature at University of Glasgow before working as a secondary school teacher. 

She wrote her first novel Take a Breath while travelling around South America and her second novel, Madness & Soil, while living in Amsterdam, Glasgow, Montreal, Ottawa and Hamburg. 

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